Intellectual Horizons

Exploring knowledge, fostering curiosity, and shaping futures


KVKSS, a dynamic school in Kathmandu, is dedicated to academic excellence, character development, and lifelong learning. Our nurturing environment fosters intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Join us for a bright future!

Our Programs

KVKSS Kindergarten


Embark on a joyful educational journey at KVKSS Kindergarten, encompassing PlayGroup (PG) to Upper Kindergarten (UKG). Our nurturing environment cultivates curiosity and joy in our youngest learners, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

KVKSS Primary

Grade 1 to 5

Step into the exciting world of KVKSS Primary, where education becomes an adventure. Our primary school, spanning from Grade 1 to Grade 5, is dedicated to fostering a love for learning, building a solid academic foundation, and nurturing the unique talents of each student.

KVKSS Secondary and Lower Secondary

Grade 6 to 10

Experience the KVKSS Secondary & Lower Secondary journey, guiding students from Grade 6 to Grade 10. Our nurturing and stimulating environment fosters intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and personal development as they transition to higher education levels.


Embark on a transformative educational journey at our school, where curiosity meets excellence, and every student is empowered to thrive in a dynamic learning environment.

Enroll with us for a Journey of Excellence!
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Pre Primary

Play group to UKG